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Paving Services in Saskatoon

Northern Blacktop in Saskatoon provides paving services for industrial, commercial, municipal, and acreage surfaces. We are proud of our professional construction team and would gladly match their range of specializations and skills with anyone in the industry. Our crews are known for their ability to complete a range of jobs relating to pavement and asphalt.

Pavement Texturing

Stamped pavement texturing

Pavement texturing is a process in which a wire template is placed on freshly laid or a reheated asphalt surface and compacted. Once the desired affect is achieved, it is coated. There are a variety of coatings available that bond to the printed asphalt. Pavement Texturing can be used on roadways, pathways, crosswalks and just about anywhere you can imagine. It provides a durable, attractive surface, with years of maintenance-free convenience. The staff at Northern Blacktop can help decide on which pattern and coating is right for your project.

Asphalt Sealing and Patching

roadworker paving asphalt road

Asphalt surfaces will benefit from being sealed annually or every few years to keep it looking like new. Sealing your asphalt surfaces will protect them from everyday wear and tear, weather damage, and heavy vehicle traffic. Sealing every so often makes an astounding difference. For more drastic damage such as cracks, potholes, loose spots, and other crevices, we offer asphalt patching to repair those spots that just cannot be covered entirely with a sealcoat. Northern Blacktop is available to clean up the area, fill in the empty spaces, and smooth it all out.


Road and Site Development

Northern Blacktop in Saskatoon is available for certain concrete paving projects. Our expertise is best suited for sidewalks and similar areas, as well as curbing to keep the edges trim and prominent. If some of your concrete areas at your business are crumbling and falling apart, we can send our team out for thorough repairs and refills – even if there are gaping spaces! We are also available for new construction, additions and renovations as well. Northern Blacktop uses only the highest of quality concrete mix in order to meet all of your concrete paving requirements.

Road and Site Development


The road and site development services we offer are available for a range of new construction projects. Our team is available to work on highways, backroads, and other roads in any area. Northern Blacktop offers additional maintenance work if your roadway is cracked, filled with potholes, or crumbling. Furthermore, we provide professional base construction for site development in order to ensure there is a firm foundation and structure for you to build off of. This will strengthen the very base of your large- or small-scale building project and make for a smooth experience as your project moves along.

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